How Climate Change Education through The Climate Initiative Is Empowering Localized Action

By Laurie Fanelli Thinking Sustainably

April 25, 2023

Starting with making trusted oral and personal care products with naturally sourced and derived ingredients, Tom's of Maine is committed to supporting the health of the planet and its people. With this core mission in mind, Tom's of Maine supported The Climate Initiative (TCI) in 2022, a national science-based organization that empowers youth through climate change education.

Funding supports TCI's direct-to-youth climate action toolkits, which offer resources and information to prepare youth to become climate leaders. It also supports the Learning Lab, which provides educational programming for teachers and students to help educate youth about the effects of climate change and inspire them to take action.

A group of children walk through a forest.

About The Climate Initiative

Founded in 2020 and based in Kennebunkport, Maine, TCI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that empowers the next generation of climate leaders through outreach, education, and other resources. Its mission is to supply youth with the tools and confidence they need to drive solutions to climate issues.

TCI's climate action messaging has reached 10 million youth ages 13 to 23 on social media, and over 300,000 people from this group have actively engaged with its climate action content.

Climate Change Education: Power to the (Young) People

TCI believes youth are critical to solving climate change concerns. From family to friends to important decision-makers, young people can influence those around them and raise awareness about climate issues in their local communities. By 2025, TCI aims to educate, empower, and activate 1 million youth to encourage policy-makers to embrace climate solutions.

While the Learning Lab's high school climate educational programming has reached all 50 states, educating over 50,000 students, TCI's ambassador program continues to grow. This initiative welcomes high school students, college students, and adult allies to join together to reduce the impact of climate change on their communities.

"Tom's of Maine is excited to support TCI in furthering their programmatic reach and expansion, especially in the communities most affected by climate change impacts," said Michelle Waring, steward for sustainability and everyday good at Tom's of Maine. "We believe in the power of meaningful action and storytelling in mobilizing communities towards living more sustainably and believe that youth are a key in unlocking these conversations."

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How You Can Support Climate Education

A Certified B Corporation, Tom's of Maine is passionate about addressing issues surrounding public health and the environment. Climate change is one of our greatest challenges, but organizations like TCI offer hope for a healthier world. In three short years, TCI has already demonstrated the power of youth-led initiatives, and it will only continue to grow with further support.

Help TCI achieve its climate change education goals by joining the movement or making a donation. You can also follow TCI on Instagram to stay up to date with exciting news and progress.

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Why It's Good

Supported by Tom's of Maine, The Climate Initiative provides direct-to-youth climate action toolkits and educational programming to teachers and students in local communities, inspiring hope for climate change across the country.