No Sew DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

By Colleen Shibley in Thinking Sustainably

I remember the Halloween days of my youth. My mom would take me to the store and I would purchase a Halloween costume found in a box. A plastic mask and plastic covering to transform you into your favorite character. Now we have whole stores dedicated to Halloween and costs can skyrocket past $100 for a costume plus accessories. Why not DIY Halloween Costumes with supplies you have at home? Here are some favorite costumes I created when my kids were young that you can adapt for your own DIY Halloween!

DIY Blues Clues Costume

The nice thing about this costume is you can customize it for your child no matter what the weather is. If you live in a warm climate like we do you can use a t-shirt. For cooler climates you can use a sweatshirt.

DIY blues clues costume


  • White t-shirt, sweat shirt, or onesis
  • White sweat pants
  • Dark blue felt
  • Light blue felt
  • Blue puffy paint
  • Velcro patches
  • Head band or baseball cap
  • Light blue dye
  • Iron on transfer paper
  • Optional glue
  • Optional face paint

no sew blues clues costume


  • Dye the top and pants a light blue
  • Cut out spots for the costume and map out where you would like to put them
  • Use the iron on transfer paper to iron the spots on the costume
  • Use the blue puffy paint to trace the circle helping secure the edges of the circle to the costume
  • Cut out feet from the light blue felt. Create a paw like shape and make sure the back are long straps to fit around the ankle allowing the paw to lie over the shoes
  • Add the Velcro squares to each strap to secure the paw around the ankles.
  • Cut out ears from the light blue felt and smaller inside ears from the dark blue felt.
  • Use the iron on transfer paper and puffy paint to secure the dark blue felt to the light blue felt
  • You can either glue the ears to a headband or baseball cap or use the Velcro
  • Face paint is optional


DIY Fortune Teller Costume

diy fortune teller costume

There are really no rules to this outfit. For this outfit I found a funky skirt at my nearest Goodwill store and paired it with a white shirt. I purchased two scarves to use as a head rag and a belt. I had a pair of gold sandals in my closet and bought some fun costume jewelry to adorn my neck, wrists, ears, fingers and ankles. Think gold, flashy, and big! I purchased some tarot looking cards from the dollar store and I made the crystal ball.

The crystal ball is made from a globe for a fan or light. I chose a white one and then sprayed on some glitter to give it the shiny, mystic feel. Overall this costume was very inexpensive and the clothes, scarves, and jewelry can be re-purposed as another outfit or addition to your jewelry collection.

DIY Tiger Costume

DIY tiger costume

This costume is very similar to the Blues Clues Costume. Like the Blues Clues costume use a white sweatshirt and sweat pants (unless you can find orange) and dye them. Use black and white felt to cute out stripes and the white belly and iron on to the costume. You can use the same method for the feet or just have your child (or adult) wear black shoes. I purchased the tiger ears and tail as an accessory. I did sew just a little when it came to the tail. Cut a hole in the shirt and stick the tail through the hole. Sew a few stitches on the inside of the shirt to secure the tail.

tiger costume

Here are some other easy costumes to make from items at home or with a few purchases supplies.

Bunny – using this same technique (no dying needed) use white sweatshirt and pants and iron on a pink stomach. Purchase an ears and tail set and a little face paint and you have a white bunny.

Cat/Kitten – black leotard and tights and purchase an ears and tail kit. A little face paint and Meow!

Jester– If you have an old solid color dress lying around cut the bottom to make triangle ends and attach bells. Tie a belt around your waste and use face paint to give it that laughable finishing touch.

These are just a few DIY Halloween costumes we have made over the past 20 years and they all looked unique and fun. The great thing is the kids loved the costumes so much that they wore them often after Halloween and I was able to pass on the costumes to other kids when my children out grew them or lost interest. Creating your own DIY Halloween costumes is a great way to save money and recycle which is great for the environment.

Why It’s Good

Why spend money on costumes when you can make your own at home? Teach your kids sustainability by using materials around the house for these no sew DIY Halloween costumes.