Organizations Inspiring Climate Change Hope

By Sher Warkentin

April 5, 2023

You care about the environment, and keeping up with information about how the planet is changing can make you feel nervous about what the future holds. Fortunately, there's plenty of good work to celebrate. People are organizing and innovating across the globe to build climate resilience—the ability of communities and ecosystems to cope with the effects of climate change—and provide real climate change hope for future generations.

Climate Change Hope: How Tom's of Maine Supports Climate Advocates and Community Resilience

Tom's of Maine is always looking for ways to give back to communities and care for the planet. One way Tom's does this is by supporting and partnering with organizations and individuals that are taking action to build a healthier world for all people.

Here are a few of the programs Tom's of Maine stands behind and how they're changing the world for the better.

A young girl holds a cardboard sign at a climate rally.

The Tom's of Maine Incubator

Climate change disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities, yet these same communities are often left out of the conversation when it comes to finding solutions. The Tom's of Maine Incubator was created to support the next generation of BIPOC climate leaders through funding and mentorship and empower them to make a positive impact.

The 2022 Incubators include environmental justice advocate Aliyah Collins, who utilizes spiritual care as a tool for treating climate trauma, and ocean climate solutionist Bodhi Patil, who's leading initiatives to transform ocean health.

National Recreation Foundation

The Tom's of Maine "Get Into Nature" program partnered with the National Recreation Foundation (NRF) to support nonprofits across the US that connect people from underserved communities to outdoor spaces. For example, Backyard Basecamp provides community-based nature programming to BIPOC and low-income families in Baltimore with limited access to green spaces.

Another NRF grantee is the Duwamish River Community Coalition (DRCC). The DRCC's Duwamish Valley Youth Corps, a youth engagement program, focuses on environmental justice and providing job skills and opportunities for nature-based activities like kayaking and camping to low-income youth.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute's LabVenture

Each year, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute invites nearly 10,000 Maine middle school students to participate in its LabVenture program. The program is free for fifth and sixth graders and helps students develop climate literacy through a hands-on lab experience. LabVenture allows students to explore scientific practices, develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and participate in authentic STEM explorations that can inspire their interest in science and build confidence.

Three children prepare a slide to look at under a microscope.

The Climate Initiative

Building climate resilience won't happen overnight, which is why it's important to empower future climate leaders. Tom's of Maine is strengthening climate education for youth on a national level by supporting The Climate Initiative (TCI). TCI is on a mission to provide young environmental advocates with the education and tools they need to become future stewards of the planet.

TCI offers nationwide programs like the Learning Lab, which provides community-based learning and action projects for over 35,000 high schoolers. It also offers classroom toolkits for educators, like the Air Quality Action project, which equips classes with air quality sensors they can use to collect and analyze data.

Want to learn more about how Tom's of Maine supports the health of the planet and its people? Check out the latest Goodness Report.

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Why It’s Good

Programs and organizations working to educate and empower future generations of climate leaders make climate resilience possible and inspire hope for a healthier, more equitable world.