Start your year with a


4-Week Wellness Reboot

Kudos to you for starting the year off on the right foot… and food. Each week throughout the 4-week Wellness Reboot – a new grocery list, meal plan, recipes, and health tips will be made available. Plus, each week a mindbodygreen Wellness Expert will share their personal NatureUp story, personal care tips, recommended products, meal plans and exercise tips through the lens of their wellness area of focus. That’s 4 weeks of amazing insight and wisdom on achieving and maintaining complete wellness.

Faith Hunter

Week 1


As a yoga guru, published author, and health enthusiast – Faith will share wellness content during Week 1 to inspire followers to be conscious of the moment and to live their best life.

Leah Goldglantz

Week 2


Leah not only plays the role of health enthusiast, food & lifestyle blogger, and wife, but also mother. During Week 2, Leah will share out reliable parenting tips she’s tested on her two little girls.

Betina Gozo

Week 3


This Chicago trainer and wellness professional contributes regularly to health publications. Throughout Week 3, she’ll be motivating her audience with strength training and goal achievement tips.

Cassandra Bodzak

Week 4

Heath & Nutrition

Cassandra’s charisma and passion for wellness, nutrition, and mental health really resonates with her followers. We’ll see her share content during Week 4 that’s both relatable and inspiring.

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start your wellness reboot

Find the habits and items that will get you excited about your day. Try some gentle, morning yoga, or a minty fresh breath routine with no artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes.

Nothing changes your priorities like a baby, and habits like recycling and conservation can last a lifetime. Start by making environmentally conscious decisions when you’re shopping with the family.

Working out is one of the best ways you can take care of your physical and mental health. A little exercise is always better than none, so set attainable goals to stay active every day.