Tom’s of Maine Announces Improved Long-Lasting Deodorant—now with hops

Odor Protection Guaranteed

Kennebunk, Maine – February 06, 2007 

Tom’s of Maine is excited to introduce natural deodorant with a new odor-fighting ingredient—hops. Research and testing have proven hops to be as effective at fighting odor-causing bacteria as any natural ingredient available. Tom’s of Maine’s new aluminum-free Long-Lasting Natural Deodorant with hops is available in organic lavender, organic lemongrass, apricot and unscented.

Tom’s of Maine created the first natural deodorant in 1976. Since then, we’ve continued to pursue innovative new plant and mineral ingredients that deliver improved odor protection. We’re pleased to introduce our newest natural odor-fighting ingredient—hops(Humulus lupulus). Our scientists have discovered that hops has strong odor-fighting properties; is gentle on the skin; and is safe, effective, sustainable, and renewable. Consistent with Tom's of Maine values and the strict standards in our product Stewardship Model, the new deodorants do not use artificial or animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

“Tom’s of Maine improved Long-Lasting Deodorant with hops continues our 37-year commitment to innovating with new ingredients and producing highly effective products entirely sourced from nature. This improved deodorant line honors our consumers who want an effective natural deodorant that fights odor and is created with respect for the earth. We know consumers will love this deodorant, and we offer an odor protection guarantee; if the consumer is not 100% delighted with this deodorant we’ll exchange the product or refund their money.” states Tom Chappell, CEO & cofounder of Tom’s of Maine.

Our improved Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick fights odor three ways:

  • Hops inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The antimicrobial action of hops inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria while reducing the possibility of skin irritation.
  • Zinc ricinoleate binds up odor molecules. Sourced from castor beans, zinc ricinoleate traps and absorbs bad smells
  • Natural fragrance blocks odor. Encapsulating natural fragrance oils with silica shells makes them last longer

A central value of the Tom's of Maine mission is to create environmentally sustainable products, and our deodorant line remains the only known all-recyclable deodorant stick on the market today. The entire deodorant package can be recycled as #5 plastic, and consumers who do not have #5 recycling available in their communities are encouraged to return their empty deodorant packages to Tom's (a policy applicable for all Tom's of Maine products).

About Tom's of Maine
Founded in Kennebunk, Maine, by Tom and Kate Chappell in 1970, Tom's of Maine creates effective personal care products using simple, natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals. Tom's of Maine products—toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, and soap—do not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors, or animal ingredients; are tested for safety and efficacy without the use of animals; are biodegradable; and are packaged in earth-friendly ways. Our philosophy of "Natural Care" guides us in doing what is right for our customers, employees, communities, and environment. We fulfill our Natural Care mission by donating 10% of our profits to charitable organizations; by encouraging our employees to use 5% of their paid time in volunteer work; by adhering to our standards of natural, sustainable, and responsible; and by not testing on animals.

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