Tom's of Maine Introduces Six New Natural Beauty Bars Clinically Proven to Maintain Skin's Moisture

Naturally Sourced Olive Oil, Glycerin and Vitamin E Offer Daily Goodness and an Alternative to Artificial Ingredients Found in Most Conventional Brands

Kennebunk, Maine – October 28, 2010


KENNEBUNK, Maine, October 28, 2010 – Preventing dry skin becomes a top concern as the colder months arrive. Available now, Tom’s of Maine’s new collection of six Natural Beauty Bars is clinically proven to maintain skin’s moisture and leave skin feeling clean and ultra-rich with natural ingredients such as citrus oils, lavender, apricot seeds, lemongrass and soothing chamomile.

Tom’s of Maine bar soap is produced by the full-boiled kettle soap-making process. Unlike other bar soaps, some of which use animal fats as its base, Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bars are produced with glycerin and olive oil for a natural product that does not contain animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. New Tom’s of Maine Beauty Bars also feature sustainable packaging, including a fully recyclable outer package and new compostable plastic wrap made from renewable plant resources – not hydrocarbons.

The Natural Beauty Bars, now available at retail and online, are formulated for different skin types and to meet daily skin needs. The collection is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic to ensure they are gentle on skin. All contain a base of premium quality natural moisturizers:

Exfoliating: Combines natural apricot seeds to gently remove old, dull skin and is enriched with premium moisturizing olive oil and natural vitamin E.

Daily Moisture: This ultra-rich bar soap formula contains premium moisturizing olive oil, natural vitamin E and leaves your skin clean and fresh.

Deodorant: This dual-action bar soap formula uses premium, moisturizing olive oil and odor-fighting botanicals sage and lemongrass to freshen your skin.

Sensitive: This hypoallergenic, gentle bar soap combines soothing chamomile with enriched moisturizing olive oil and natural vitamin E.

Relaxing: A natural retreat from daily stress, this bar soap combines calming lavender with other soothing botanical oils and is enriched with olive oil and natural vitamin E, working with the steam of your shower for a naturally relaxing experience.

Energizing: This bar soap infuses refreshing energizing citrus oils to give a natural daily pick-me-up that still locks in skin’s moisture.

“We worked hard to find a way to bring consumers a natural bar soap option free of any synthetic moisturizers or ingredients derived from animal sources,” said Rob Robinson, category leader at Tom’s of Maine. “These beauty bars were created to give you a moisture-rich experience with natural ingredients that are good for both your skin and the earth.”

Suggested retail price for the new Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bars is $3.19 for a 4 oz bar.

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