New Tom’s of Maine Survey Reveals Doing Good for Family and Planet is a Top Motivator When it Comes to Buying Natural

Kennebunk, Maine – June 04, 2014

Study Examines What’s Inside Natural Product Purchasing Habits

KENNEBUNK, Maine, June 4, 2014 — Word-of-mouth matters when it comes to buying a natural product, but a new study* commissioned by natural oral care leader Tom’s of Maine reveals there is a stronger motivator. People are more inspired to try a product that does something good for themselves, their family and the planet (40%) than taking a recommendation from a trusted friend (24%) or a medical professional (12%).

“It was interesting to see that trying a natural product is more strongly driven by life goals rather than by trends or another person’s experience,” said Jim Olin, director of oral care and personal care category development, Tom’s of Maine. “The survey tells us that shoppers are turning towards natural products as part of a mindset focused on combining healthy living with making a positive impact on their communities and environment.”

What’s Inside Matters

Beyond being motivated by a healthy lifestyle and the planet, families are thoughtfully considering what’s inside the products that make it onto their shopping list. The survey revealed it’s often the absence of particular ingredients that plays a significant role:

  • Absence of artificial preservatives (81%)
  • Absence of artificial flavors (78%)
  • Absence of artificial colors (75%)


Surprisingly, the presence of gluten is also top-of-mind when looking at labels. In fact, one in four shoppers is more likely to purchase a gluten-free product to help foster a healthy lifestyle.

“Knowledge is the key to making healthy choices,” says expert and “Gorgeously Green” author Sophie Uliano. “Once you know what’s inside a product and what the brand stands for, you can more consciously choose items that align to values that reflect who you are or want to be.”

Uliano provides some tips about what to look for when choosing natural products:

  • Look at the packaging for an expiration date. For optimum product experience be sure to use products before their expiration date.
  • Less can be more when it comes to the ingredient list and simple, effective ingredients can get the job done. And, remember that ingredients are always listed in proportional order with highest quantities at the top of the list.
  • Go beyond the label. Visit the company’s website, explore the products in-depth and research their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

For more than 40 years, Tom’s of Maine has followed its Stewardship Model as a compass for defining natural, sustainable, and socially responsible decision-making as it brings new products to store shelves. Learn more about our Stewardship Model and what “natural” means to Tom’s of Maine ingredients and their processing at

“Your daily routine and rituals are a good place to start when it comes to incorporating natural products,” Olin added. “Tom’s of Maine products have no gluten, artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives, and no animal ingredients or animal testing as our way of supporting the goals many people want to embrace every day. Natural oral care can be a very important step in helping to improve your overall health and something you can do at the start and end of each day to help take care of yourself."

People brush their teeth twice a day and 55% consider natural oral care products a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle; but the survey revealed that these products, such as natural toothpaste and natural mouthwash, are less likely to make it into the shopping cart than other natural household items. In fact, only roughly one-third of shoppers have considered purchasing natural oral care products in the last year, lagging behind cleaning products (55%), eco-friendly paper goods (48%) and cosmetics (37%).

What’s Inside of You: Join Tom’s of Maine to Make a Difference

Tom’s of Maine is continuing its long-standing commitment to supporting people and communities with its “We Believe What’s Inside Matters” campaign. On June 5, people can post #GoodMatters to their social channels and Tom’s of Maine will donate one tube of its natural toothpaste (up to 2,500 tubes) for every post using the hashtag to Hearts of Gold, a New York nonprofit that promotes sustainable change for families. Social good will power a Goodness Wall, where donations will be added in real time as tweets and posts come in that day.

New Yorkers can stop by Madison Square Park on Thursday, June 5 to support the Goodness Wall and help donate in person. In addition, they can learn more about natural oral care, take an interactive toothpaste quiz and try a free sample.

*General population study fielded by Toluna QuickSurveys in May 2014 of a representative segment of 1072 adults, ages 18+.

About Tom's of Maine

Tom’s of Maine is a leading natural products company focused on oral and personal care carrying high quality toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, antiperspirant, deodorant and bar soap products. The company has a long-standing commitment to supporting people, communities and the living planet. For over 44 years, Tom’s of Maine has sponsored hundreds of nonprofit efforts by giving 10% of its profits back to organizations that support human and environmental goodness and by encouraging employees to use 5% (12 days) of employee time to volunteer. Tom’s of Maine employees regularly contribute suggestions for improving the company's high sustainability standards. And their ideas, from wind power to ways to improve recycled and recyclable packaging options, are critical to the company's sensitive way of doing business. Most Tom's of Maine products are vegan, kosher and halal certified and gluten-free. All packaging is recyclable through a partnership with upcycling leader TerraCycle or participating municipalities. Tom's of Maine enjoys partnering with its consumers, suppliers and community organizations to support lasting, positive change that is good for people and the planet. Visit us online at or at



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