Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose

What is it?

Fructose, glucose and sucrose are carbohydrates that result from photosynthesis in plants.  Fructose and glucose are monosaccharides, also referred to as single sugars.  Sucrose is a disaccharide which forms when two monosaccharides react.  

What does it do?

These carbohydrates - fructose, glucose and sucrose - form larger polysaccharides, one of which is the ingredient inulin which we use in our prebiotic cleansing formulas.  They (fructose, glucose, and sucrose) are not functional ingredients in our formula, but since they make up the larger chain polysaccharide, inulin, there are some that remain in the inulin when it is extracted from the agave plant.   

How is it made?

Our Stewardship Model guides us to select ingredients which have been processed in a manner that supports our philosophy of human and environmental health.

These carbohydrates are made from the agave plant.  The inulin ingredient we use in our prebiotic cleansing formulas is extracted from the agave plant, and some fructose, glucose and sucrose come along with the extraction.  

What are the alternatives?

There are inulin ingredients that do not contain these compounds (glucose, sucrose, and fructose).  The inulin could be further filtered to remove these compounds, but we found inulin with these compounds to be effective for our prebiotic cleansing products.

Tom’s of Maine recognizes that no two people are alike, and even with naturally derived ingredients, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction that is unique to them. As with any product, be sure to discontinue use if you experience discomfort or other indications that the product may not be appropriate for your individual body chemistry.