Group Fitness Classes That Make Working out Fun

By Laurie Fanelli in Healthy Feeling

Let's face it: It's called a "workout" because exercising is hard work. We sweat, lift, burn, and stretch for our physical and mental health—and while it can be enjoyable, keeping up with a fitness routine can sometimes feel like a part-time job.

Group fitness classes can revitalize your drive to exercise in many ways. Maybe you like to change things up from time to time, or maybe you're the type of person who strives for perfecting an individual routine. No matter the case, there is a class out there that can meet your needs.

Types of Group Classes

Whether you prefer yoga, barre, boot camp, or Bokwa, there are group fitness classes for nearly any type of workout. You can find programs curated for beginners, sessions specially designed for moms, and even some classes that incorporate strollers or wheelchairs into routines.

That said, there's a lot to consider when choosing your perfect class. Do you prefer a drill sergeant who really pushes you toward your health goals, or would you rather learn from a quiet instructor who offers gentle corrections?

Classes can be held day or night—or even over your lunch break. Browse the websites of local gyms and fitness studios, or give them a quick call to find the best option for your specific goals and schedule constraints.

Group Fitness Classes are fun and functional

Why Try Group Classes?

There are many benefits to group fitness classes. First and foremost, you can find—and share—motivation with those around you. If you are new to the class, you can discover strengths and find inspiration in veteran participants. If you're a workout warrior, the enthusiasm of a newcomer may spark something inside you and remind you why you loved working out to begin with.

Group classes also have the benefit of an instructor: someone to curate an engaging fitness routine while giving tips on form, breathing techniques, and more. All you have to do is show up and follow their lead! You might even find yourself enjoying an entirely new type of workout.

Feel like staying in? Fitness apps can provide the same benefits of group programs from the convenience of your home. You can participate in these on your own or invite friends over for a group experience in the comfort of your own living room or backyard. Many apps or online video sharing sites offer step-by-step workout ideas, complete with warm-ups and cool-downs. Some apps even allow you to invite your friends to share their stats for a little competitive motivation.

Where to Find Group Classes

Many gyms host group classes as part of their membership offerings. There are also a myriad of options available to you if you prefer to choose your workouts à la carte. A boutique fitness studio will provide specialized programs in a trendy, upscale space. These pricier options are often hyper-focused on specific workouts (yoga, spin, dance) and offer participants a social experience as they sweat.

Those looking for great results on a budget can also see what their local park district has to offer. Parks and recreation departments often host a wide variety of fitness classes, and district residents can typically get a cheaper rate or go for free. There are tons of nontraditional organizations that also offer fitness classes as well. Nature preserves, libraries, and even local businesses might host sessions.

When individual workouts start to feel too much like work, rejuvenate your passion for fitness with a fun, functional, and affordable group class. 

Group Fitness Classes are affordable and effective

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Group workout classes are enjoyable and functional. Instructors help you maximize your results while the camaraderie keeps fitness fun.