Charity Crowdfunding to Support Your Favorite Cause

By Mali Anderson in Helping Hands

With festive goodwill in the air, consider charity crowdfunding. A form of fundraising, crowdfunding is a seamless way to pool funds with your friends, family, and neighbors. Crowdfunding campaigns typically have a set time frame and the majority of the promotion happens online. The goal is to raise a certain amount of money in a set period. Even if you only have a small amount to donate, you can create a big impact on the causes that matter most to you by mobilizing your social contacts.


How to Fundraise for a Cause


First, you'll need to choose a platform for your campaign. While there are a lot of options, don't be overwhelmed. Enjoy the process! Anyone can dedicate a small amount of time to setting up a crowdfunding campaign and make a difference. If you're not sure which platform to choose, ask friends or do a bit of online research. Inc. even provides a flowchart to help you determine what platform is right for your project.


Next, think about the best way to explain why your cause matters. You will be energizing your community, so think of causes that matter to them, too. Examples include nonprofits focused on environmental projects or animal rights, or you can support an individual raising funds for local projects like school improvements. Take the time to compose a strong story, complete with testimonials from individuals who have benefited from the work of the organization. Pair your write-up with compelling photos and videos taken from the organization's website or from your phone.


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Set Your Donation Levels and Time Frame


It is important to offer a variety of giving levels. Everyone who wants to be involved should be able to contribute, even if they are only able to donate five dollars. That said, be sure to accept larger contributions, too! When creating giving options, it is helpful to let your donors know how their dollars will be used. For example, a local animal shelter in my neighborhood lets donors know that fifteen dollars pays for an animal's microchip and $150 fuels an animal rescue vehicle.


Most find the optimal campaign lasts for thirty to forty days, which allows the organizer to generate buzz and excitement in the community around their cause. That said, the timing isn't set in stone. Do what is best for you and your project. If you don't reach your target amount during the allotted time, don't be discouraged. Any amount you're able to donate to your charity is meaningful!


Show Your Donors You Appreciate Them


Yes, the goal is to raise money for charity, but giving to your supporters is important, as well. Your campaign will likely be more successful if you keep them involved in the process by sharing images and videos of your progress and impact along the way. You can even offer them a token of appreciation. If you are raising support for a community garden, you could give donors plants at harvesttime. Or, if you are raising funds for a local music group, reward backers with a recording or concert tickets.


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Celebrate Your Successes


Giving back, as both an organizer and a funder, is good for your own health and the well-being of your community. As you set up and manage your campaign, know that crowdfunding is a skill you learn as you go. While it's good to aim high, celebrate every success, big and small.


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Why It's Good

Crowdfunding for your favorite cause is a way to pool funds with your friends, family, and neighbors to make a positive impact on your community. Even small dollar amounts can add up to big results!