DIY Toothpaste Tube Squeezer Craft Ideas

By Laurie Fanelli in Thinking Sustainably

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to squeeze the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube? A toothpaste squeezer is the perfect antidote to this common frustration.

While these handy-dandy tools are available to purchase, they are also easy to make at home. Consider these DIY toothpaste tube squeezer craft ideas. They're fun for the whole family and require minimal supplies. The best part is you can get as creative as you like to make the perfect accessory for your chosen toothpaste.

Easy DIY Toothpaste Tube Roller

Most households have a drawer filled with odds and ends. In my home, our miscellaneous drawer is full of items such as paper clips, pens, and twist ties. It also has unused chopsticks and a variety of rubber bands, which are luckily the only two items we need to create this easy toothpaste tube squeezer.

To start, go plunder these items from your mystery drawer or wherever you hide random objects:

  • One pair of chopsticks
  • Two rubber bands

First, break the chopsticks apart, if need be. Once the chopsticks are separated, loop one of the rubber bands around the thicker ends of the sticks. Continue to loop the rubber bands until there isn't any slack. Repeat by looping the other rubber band around the thinner ends of the chopsticks and continue until there isn't any slack. Insert the toothpaste tube between the chopsticks. Hold the chopsticks at the thicker end and squeeze as you pull the tube through.

If you have kids who like to draw or paint, consider painting the chopsticks before completing the project. Markers could also be used to create a fun personal design.

Chopsticks make a perfect toothpaste squeezer

Turn a Household Item into a Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Clips are another common item easily converted into a DIY toothpaste tube squeezer. Chip clips or binder clips are easiest and most accessible, but you could also use select hair barrettes or even a large paper clip.

Use the handle of your toothbrush to push the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube toward the top. Make a small fold at the end of the tube, then continue to fold until the toothpaste is largely at the top of the tube. Place your clip at the end of the tube, holding the folded area in place. As you use the toothpaste, add additional folds and clamp the clip.

Much like the chopsticks project, the clips can be customized by painting or coloring creative designs.

A chip clip can be used as a toothpaste squeezer.

Are Toothpaste Tubes Recyclable?

Once you finish the entire tube of toothpaste, there are even more crafts to create with the empty container. From a cutlery sleeve to an icing tube, these fun toothpaste tube crafts are all about upcycling.

If you prefer to dispose of the empty tube, Tom's of Maine has developed a completely recyclable toothpaste tube, so you can feel confident your tube isn't contributing to landfill waste.

For more easy ways to reduce your personal waste and promote sustainability, check out the Thinking Sustainably board by @tomsofmaine on Pinterest!

Images Source: Laurie Fanelli

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Why It's Good

By making your own DIY toothpaste tube squeezer, you'll get the most out of every tube of toothpaste and reduce your personal waste. Plus, kids can get in on the fun with these easy and creative projects.