5 Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

By Bridget Burns in Natural Products

What do you currently use to brush your teeth? Most people do not give much thought to the toothpaste they buy. They may pick something up because it's on sale, or simply because it's the product they've used their whole life. Why switch now? Why use natural toothpaste?

1. Ingredients

I always feel better about using ingredients when I understand what they are, where they are derived from, and their purpose. Luckily, one of the benefits of natural toothpaste is that many manufacturers provide this information on the toothpaste tube or on their company website.

natural toothpaste box with ingredients list

Remember, some natural toothpaste companies might list their ingredients with the scientific, Latin names. Don't immediately reject a product just because it contains something you can't pronounce. Did you know that cocos nucifera is coconut? And glycyrrhiza uralensis is simply a licorice plant?

While shopping, keep your phone handy for quick internet searches in case there is a word you don't know. Understanding ingredient lists can be intimidating, but once you learn the basics, it gets much easier!

2. Efficacy

When natural products first entered the marketplace, choosing them sometimes meant sacrificing efficacy. This is no longer the case! Thanks to increased interest in natural products, there is more research being done on the potential uses and benefits of natural ingredients.

box of Tom's of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive natural toothpaste

Did you know there are natural toothpastes that are certified by the American Dental Association (ADA)? Natural toothpastes can also help address specific dental health problems like sensitive teeth. There are even natural toothpaste varieties that whiten teeth, like Tom's of Maine's ADA-approved Simply White toothpaste, which uses naturally derived silicas for clinically proven whitening. Give a natural toothpaste a try to see if the results match up to the product you're used to.

3. Safety

Sometimes, as a consumer of natural products, I wonder if I am better off making them myself. That way, I would know exactly what is put in them. Sure enough, there are plenty of recipes for DIY natural toothpaste available on the internet. But are they truly safe?

When choosing a toothpaste, it's important to keep your enamel in mind. According to the ADA, tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, but abrasive toothpastes can wear it down, exposing the dentin underneath. By purchasing your natural toothpaste from a reputable company, you can rest assured that factors like the Relative Dentin Abrasivity have been considered, making it safe for your enamel. You will also know that it has been tested on protecting against bacteria that cause tooth decay. Natural toothpastes come with a clear expiration date. For DIY toothpaste, it's a total guessing game!

4. Trust

I admit it: as a mom, I worry more about the products I give to my child than the things I use myself. On more than one occasion, I have fed my daughter a balanced meal of whole foods, while simultaneously fueling myself with corn chips. And when it comes to her personal care products, I am especially picky.

box of Tom's of Maine Training Toothpaste for toddlers

By choosing a natural toothpaste company, I know I can trust that the ingredients in my daughter's toothpaste are safe when used as directed. I also appreciate that many manufacturers will put my greatest concerns at ease by affirming the product contains no artificial flavors or dyes.

5. The Environment

For many natural toothpaste companies, a commitment to natural ingredients translates to a respect for the earth. I honestly wish I was further along in my own journey to live a sustainable life. I still occasionally find myself choosing convenience over what is most environmentally friendly. But buying products that are manufactured responsibly is super easy, and it helps me feel like I'm doing my part.

Remember that the label "natural" does not automatically translate to "earth-friendly." Again, the internet is your friend. Go to the website for the natural toothpaste company you are interested in to see if they list any of their environmental practices.

Switching to a natural toothpaste might seem like a small step, but think of how often you brush your teeth! This one little change can have a big impact. Why will you switch? Let us know on Twitter with #WhyISwitched!

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Why It's Good

Did you know many natural toothpastes provide the same benefits as conventional varieties? Switching to a natural toothpaste is an easy step toward making your personal care routine more sustainable, without sacrificing benefits like whitening or cavity protection.