5 Meaningful and Fun Indoor Winter Activities for the Family

By Mali Anderson in Helping Hands

Winter storms can come out of nowhere and derail any plans you and your family had to get out and about. On days when the kids are at home instead of at school or with their friends, you may be looking for some fun indoor winter activities to keep them occupied.

Here are five creative, meaningful projects you can do with the family when the weather keeps you cooped inside.

1. Leave a Thank-You Note for Your Mail Carrier

When the weather corrals most people indoors, some professions are still required to go to work—for example, your local postal workers. Take a moment to write a thank-you note as a family, letting your carrier know that you appreciate them delivering your mail in rain, snow, or sleet.

Once your note is complete, leave it on your mailbox for them to pick up, or take the opportunity to meet them outside for a short period of time. It can be fun on a winter day to have everyone bundle up on the porch with blankets and cups of hot cocoa. Then, once you hand deliver your note, you can all snuggle back into the warmth of your home.

Stack of mail

2. Donate School Supplies to a Local Elementary School

Many families have extra school supplies that were never used in prior grades or were gifts from friends and family that never made it into a school bag. If you have extra notebooks, pens, or sticker packs, go room to room with your kids on a treasure hunt for supplies. Afterward, you can pack up your findings in a box and put it in your car trunk to donate to a local school once the weather clears.

3. Write Cards to Soldiers Overseas

Writing to service members is an opportunity to thank them for their commitment to your safety and let them know that their sacrifice is appreciated. Families with connections to the military can mention their personal stories. Depending on your child's reading and writing level, you can have them draw pictures, write a personal note of thanks, or even include inspirational quotes. This is a great opportunity to be creative with drawings, stickers, and story sharing—and it's an effective way to teach your kids about gratitude.

4. Prepare Food or Personal Care Kits for Local Homeless Shelters

Another meaningful indoor project is to make food packages to donate to local homeless shelters. You can ask your kids what they'd like to make and bake those treats together, or you can reach out to a local shelter and ask what foods they need.

Since shelters also need household basics throughout the year, you could also prepare kits that include fresh socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and lip balm. If you have natural products you'd like to donate, these can also be a welcomed asset, as some people may have sensitivities to products with artificial substances and additives.

Personal care kits for homeless

5. Collect Books That Your Family Has Outgrown

With little ones at home, it's common to have a bin or bookshelf that's too full for any new additions. Explain to the kids that when they find a new home for books they've outgrown, someone else has the opportunity to fall in love with those stories for the very first time.

Set aside a bin for everyone to add to. With every addition to the bin, your family can share what they've enjoyed about each book. Once it's full, donate the books to your local library or host a community book drive to pass the stories on to others.

What fun indoor winter activities do you like to complete as a family when the weather is stormy? Show us what you're working on and tag @toms_of_maine on Instagram!

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Why It's Good

Giving back is a form of gratitude. Sharing this attitude with your family is a way to nurture each other and have a positive impact on the world. Plus, if you are stuck inside because of winter weather, these creative projects will keep your family entertained and engaged until the weather clears.